Mongol Ebook out on 10 December!

After discussions with my publisher we decided to release the ebook on Human Rights Day next month – December 10th, a month before the paperback on January 16th. Why that day for the Kindle book? Mongol Memoir in Paperback

I feel that International Human Rights Day is a perfect day for Mongol to be seen, read and talked about for many reasons. Even though it may seem a one woman’s story it talks about many issues that we face in today’s society.

I found my voice using the internet and social media to inform, engage and change attitudes. I found my supporters through the internet while I blogged, tweeted and changed nappies. I found others who are, like me, wanting to be accepted in society no matter where they were from, what they looked like and what abilities and disabilities they had. Yes, it is a perfect day for Mongol to face the world and show we are all the same.