In Memory

This week has been very exciting and sad at times. I decided to raise funds for Down’s Syndrome Scotland by taking part in an organised charity trek. The challenge is called The Big Small Isles Trek.

I’d heard of these small islands in Scotland mostly through explanations of children’s names. Skye, Iona, Islay, Lewis and so on. Since I put my name on the list to attend this trek, I looked up the small islands I’ll be hiking through. The Small Isles consist of the islands of Rum, Eigg, Muck and Canna. I was thrilled to see these tiny islands scattered along the western shore of Scotland and the trek looked really exciting.

But when I read that the challenge would involve speeding on a high speed RIB transfers between the islands I did feel numb. I get motion sickness and I can’t swim! Honestly, the bit that said “the physical challenge of climbing 4 mountains over 2 days (ranging from 137m – 812m high)” didn’t startle me but this speedboat kept lingering on my mind. I grew up in a landlocked country and I have a fear of water. What am I going to do?

I called my friend Freddie who is a lovely man who lives in the south of England. He said: ‘You can always take a travel sickness tablet.’ Oh, yeah. That was a great discovery when I came to Britain first. I didn’t think of that. So sickness sorted.

“I can’t swim!” “Oh, you’ll be fine. You will be wearing a life jacket!” Ha ha. Of course, I will be wearing a life jacket. The film “Life of Pi” sprang to mind. We only watched the film last week. I thanked Freddie, delighted with my solutions. Almost sorted.

Now the raising fund side left. I went on website and started a page in memory of Billy. It was pretty straight forward and my page looks alright. The process involved writing my story why I was doing the trek. That task was like a lid to my emotions. I went through Billy’s photos and wrote a short paragraph. It still made me cry. After three years. That’s another reason why we are not able to get involved as much as we would like to with the charity. It brings back memories. But this challenge gives us the opportunity to help and support the services Down’s Syndrome Scotland provides.

I know the trek is not long away and I don’t have much time. I’m meeting the fundraising adviser girl from Down’s Syndrome Scotland next week. Perhaps she will have many secrets about how I can reach my targets. Meanwhile, my brain is racing with ideas … Texting, emailing, tweeting and posting on Facebook.

Yes, we want to do this for other families who are going through tough times like we did and for our Billy. Our little boy with Celtic red hair and Mongolian blue spots.